Developing Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness while working remotely.

Why is PEP now more important than ever?

During times of crisis, it is an instinctive human reaction to focus on immediate survival. When everything has been thrown into chaos, we try and find order by applying what we know to a brand new context.

However, applying what we know to the current crisis is insufficient. Working remotely one hundred percent of the time is a challenge that most employees aren’t prepared for. The increased pressures and challenges of a ‘home-work environment’ require specific solutions.

Participating in Remote PEP creates the conditions for employees to bring order to the chaos in an effective and efficient manner to ensure that they work from home productively, collaboratively, and with less stress, so that high-quality standards are maintained.

Remote PEP is delivered via web-based video conferencing, across 30 days, to allow time to practice new habits in between group sessions. The length of each session is specifically designed to effectively maintain attention and outcomes, in accordance with the current evidence base.

Now is the perfect time to invest in your employees.

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"Out of all the professional development initiatives we have implemented over the last 10 years the PEP program has easily provided the best outcomes in terms on return on investment and enhancing the productivity of our people."